Take your wedding, dance or party to the next level

When you decide to get married or have a dance or party, it should be a fun occasion.  Some find it a serious chore and it can be, if you let it.  The more you plan, doesn't always mean it will go that way.  We often forget we have other elements involved in our master plan, people.  Our friends, our family, the caterer, the dj, or whomever we are inviting to work or share our event could either be the life of the party or really throw a wrench in our "Big Plan".  I'm sorry, that is just a fact.

But, there are steps you can take to help your guests or staff along the way to see your vision, to get on your bandwagon, and help make your day or event flow much smoother.  Think about this, if you don't communicate the details of your event to all those that "need to know", how can you expect it to just happen?   Your clothes just don't get up and fly on you in the morning. 

When you book your event with Gold Medal Sound we provide the tools you need to plan out your event right on your desktop.  Once we set you up with an account for the event, you can login from anywhere with a computer and internet connection, and start planning!

Set Up An Event Timeline

  • Share with the caterer the timeline of when you need them to arrive with the cake
  • When the photographer should plan on taking the outdoor pictures
  • Even when Gold Medal Sound should plan to give the mic to the head table for the best man to do the toast
  • You can be as detailed as you want to be, and share it with all involved, so they stay in-the-know and be prepared to take the weight and stress off of you at the event  

Create Event Worksheets

  • Add names of the important guests that will be announced at the event, from the bride or groom, wedding party for the grand march, to the guest of honor for a birthday
  • Let Gold Medal Sound know what style of cocktail music you would like played before the event or if there will be an official cake cutting or prayer before the meal
  • Select what special dances will need to be done and more

Plan Your Music

  • Select your first dance song, your father/daughter song, something you want to dance with your uncle John or songs you DON'T want played anytime during the event and much more
  • Allow your guests to make song requests by logging in with a special password and find out what they would like to dance to at the event

Order Party Supplies

  • You have the option of clicking one link, and directly ordering supplies for your event, wedding, dance or party through our 3rd party provider and having them shipped directly to you, saving you time and money

Add General Infomation About the Event

  • View the Gold Medal Sound contract and print it out
  • Add important contact information for your photographer, caterer, venus, dj, and more
  • Refer a friend and receive a special savings offer
  • Update your contact information so everyone stays current with the details of the event
  • View & print all agreements, worksheets and important documents 

For more information about how Gold Medal Sound can help make your next event a success Contact us here

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